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HBAG is in the process of getting training seminars set up for the continuing educational requirements of the Building Licensing law...



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Goals for 2010

The Board is focusing on the following areas in 2010: Meetings, Membership,
Committees, Community involvement and Fundraisers. A survey was taken to get feedback on the structure of membership meetings. The Board is planning a
membership drive in the April/May timeframe focusing on builders that are not currently members to become part of our association. In addition, County Directors were appointed to ensure the focus of our association encompassed all four counties. Committees in 2010 will be led by a Board member, but mainly comprised of member volunteers. By using various media, we plan on enhancing our identity within the communities we cover. In addition, we plan on adding more fundraisers next year. Two specific additions are a “Playhouse” to be built by Howard Eaton, and a Fishing Tournament to be led by Ricky Carter.